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Taking away the sugar does not mean taking away the taste. At SugarFreeRecipes we want to show you just how easy sugar free living can be. Whether you are someone who suffers from diabetes or is keen to avoid sugar for another reason altogether, we aim to offer you recipes and suggestions to make mealtimes and snacks easier.
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Case Studies: Sugar Free Dinner Party: A Case Study...
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Cooking Without Sugar: The Benefits of Sugar Free Cooking, Using...
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Sugar Free Biscuits: Spicy Sugar Free Biscuits, No Sugar Fruit...
Sugar Free Cakes
Sugar Free Cakes: Sugar Free Brownies, No Sugar Carrot and Courgette Cakes, Sugar Free...
Sugar Free Dinner Parties
Sugar Free Dinner Parties: Sugar Free Ice Cream: Ice Cream Maker Interview,...
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Sugar Free Pies & Tarts: Sugar Free Tarte Tartin, Fresh Berry Pies Made...
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Sugar Free Puddings: Mousse Made Without Sugar, No Sugar Summer...
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Sugar Free Sweets: Sugar Free Fruit Fudges, Making a Sugar Free Chocolate Fondue,...
Latest Comments
  • SugarFreeRecipes
    Re: No Sugar Sponge Cakes
    Liz - Your Question:Hi we made the first recipe today for our daughter's first birthday. We doubled the ingredients and used butter instead…
    28 February 2017
  • Liz
    Re: No Sugar Sponge Cakes
    Hi we made the first recipe today for our daughter's first birthday. We doubled the ingredients and used butter instead of margarine and…
    26 February 2017
  • Moejoe
    Re: Sugar Free Nut Brittle
    Nut brittle recipe. 3 table spoons of water with the sugar, when you leave it to boil it solidifies! , certainly not enough liquid to add…
    9 February 2017
  • KWarner73
    Re: Sugar Free Brownies
    Glad a read the comments first, trying to do sugar free February, so used a fruit sugar syrup instead of honey and added milk to improve the…
    5 February 2017
  • Tom
    Re: Sugar Free Custards and Hot Pudding Sauces
    Do you have a recipe for sugar free ginger pudding and white sauce
    20 January 2017
  • Pieman
    Re: No Sugar Sponge Cakes
    Well I sympathies with those who diabetic and such my wife has problems with gluten both grandchildren with dairy and despite years of…
    20 December 2016
  • Allie
    Re: Sugar Free Biscuits for Special Occasions
    I've tried this recipe but replaced plain flour with self raising gluten free flour and the biscuits are…
    18 December 2016
  • Roo
    Re: Sugar Free Brownies
    I have a toddler and thought I'd try this recipe. They tasted so bitter and ended up in the bin. 4 tbsp of honey is not enough as suggested.
    21 November 2016
  • Raewyn
    Re: A Sugar Free Children's Party
    I mMade these for my grandsons birthday . Very dry mix so added milk. I managed to roll it but came out loolooking crumbly, and…
    8 November 2016
  • Andy
    Re: No Sugar Sponge Cakes
    I made this cake and it was awful it was very dense and was not like the picture shown on the recipe.
    22 October 2016
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