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Taking away the sugar does not mean taking away the taste. At SugarFreeRecipes we want to show you just how easy sugar free living can be. Whether you are someone who suffers from diabetes or is keen to avoid sugar for another reason altogether, we aim to offer you recipes and suggestions to make mealtimes and snacks easier.
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Case Studies: Sugar Free Dinner Party: A Case Study...
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Cooking Without Sugar: The Benefits of Sugar Free Cooking, Using...
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Sugar Free Biscuits: Spicy Sugar Free Biscuits, No Sugar Fruit...
Sugar Free Cakes
Sugar Free Cakes: Sugar Free Brownies, No Sugar Carrot and Courgette Cakes, Sugar Free...
Sugar Free Dinner Parties
Sugar Free Dinner Parties: Sugar Free Ice Cream: Ice Cream Maker Interview,...
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Sugar Free Pies & Tarts: Sugar Free Tarte Tartin, Fresh Berry Pies Made...
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Sugar Free Puddings: Mousse Made Without Sugar, No Sugar Summer...
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Sugar Free Sweets: Sugar Free Fruit Fudges, Making a Sugar Free Chocolate Fondue,...
Latest Comments
  • wilf
    Re: Making Your Own Sugar Free Jam
    I would like recipes for sugar free orange marmalade and lemon curd if possible. Can I use some artificial sweetener instead of…
    9 May 2016
  • Dolly
    Re: No Sugar Sponge Cakes
    I read all the ingredients and with margerine instead of proper butter in all of them and Three tbsp granulated sweetener (Aspartame to you…
    28 April 2016
  • Em31
    Re: Sugar Free Brownies
    Just made these with my 3 year old daughter. While we enjoyed the process the end result is a MASSIVE disappointment. To say they are dry is…
    27 April 2016
  • K101
    Re: No Sugar Muffins
    I was disappointed at the outcome.There was butter bubbling out of the cases and they tasted of nothing. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone…
    24 April 2016
  • Sweet T
    Re: Fresh Berry Pies Made Without Sugar
    Making Pie for someone who do not eat sugar
    21 April 2016
  • Nikolai
    Re: No Sugar Carrot and Courgette Cakes
    Well I followed this recipe to the letter and had the oven on the correct temp (my oven is only a week old). It didn't…
    10 April 2016
  • Embakes
    Re: No Sugar Muffins
    Hello, I have to say that I am hugely disappointed with the quality of these muffins, I had high expectations of delicious, fluffy muffins with no…
    6 April 2016
  • Mumof3
    Re: Sugar Free Cup Cakes
    Made the chocolate orange cupcakes and they were fab. Yes the mixture was a little runny (which will be down to how big/juicy the oranges…
    2 April 2016
  • SugarFreeRecipes
    Re: No Sugar Carrot and Courgette Cakes
    jo - Your Question:Five tbsp honey.looks like sugar to me. when you say sugar free in recipe's make sure it is. so fed up…
    29 March 2016
  • AL-Rubaiy
    Re: Sugar Free Nutty Biscuits
    the food is so delicious and healthy
    22 March 2016
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