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From time to time our readers leave comments through the Newsletter Registration form that are non personal and we share them here.

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Donna said:
Wednesday, 9 May 2018
Would love to receive your newsletter on sugarfree cooking and baking. Thank you.
Fahim said:
Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
I have been looking for sugar free baking and came across your website looking forward to trying your recipes sugar free !
Dawn said:
Saturday, 23 Jul 2016
Great site. Loads of interesting recipes.
Miree said:
Monday, 9 May 2016
My husband is diabetic controlled with medication, he has a sweet tooth and enjoys cakes etc
Sandra said:
Friday, 5 Feb 2016
Looking forward to trying the recipes
Caroline said:
Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016
I am a great lover of sugar free jelly and want to learn more about sugar free cooking.
Jane said:
Wednesday, 2 Dec 2015
I love your recipes. My housemate is a young man with diabetes type 2. Life can be so depressing when everyone else can eat sweet treats and you feel left out. Christmas is especially hard. So we will appreciate making some festive biscuits together that both of us are allowed to enjoy.
Aileen said:
Saturday, 4 Jul 2015
I,m looking forward to having a go at some recipes
Linda said:
Sunday, 26 Apr 2015
Very helpful web site with great recipes
Jane said:
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015
I am looking for recipes that do not use artificial sweetener so the sponge looks just the job. Thank you
Linda said:
Saturday, 18 Apr 2015
Hello I am interested in this. I am a Gluten-Free Baker and it is surprising to see how easy to substitute regular flour with Gluten-Free flour, they carry it in the stores. Have the best of two worlds, Sugar Free and Gluten-Free Flour. Thank you Linda Baird
Bridget said:
Friday, 23 Jan 2015
It has been indicated to me that I am intolerant of sugar. Therefore, I am interested in investigating sugar free baking and cooking. I hope that this website will be useful.
Vanessa said:
Friday, 2 Jan 2015
Like to try more of a variety as sugar free biscuits cakes not easy to buy
Wendy said:
Monday, 1 Dec 2014
Looking forward to trying some of your recipes
Susan said:
Friday, 7 Mar 2014
Hi, I have only just found this site and am looking forward to trying the recipes regards Susan
Julie said:
Friday, 28 Feb 2014
I am a Nutritionist and I often post your recipes on my facebook page. I absolutely love the section on cooking without sugar. A really great website, well done.
Anonymous said:
Thursday, 20 Feb 2014
Interesting read very informational
Joy said:
Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014
Looking forward to baking again.
Joan said:
Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
Looking forward to making from your recipes
Clair said:
Thursday, 28 Nov 2013
Great site but any chance of flagging recipes without honey?
Geoff said:
Monday, 15 Jul 2013
I am looking for some good easy diabetic recipes
Terri said:
Monday, 27 May 2013
I am just starting my sugar free journey and all ready feel so much better. What a great website. I can't wait to get cooking (and eating!!!!)
Vincent said:
Tuesday, 29 Jan 2013
Have recently been diagnosed diabetic, and on the look out for sugar free and diabetic recipes. It was the banana muffin recipe that brought me to your site. Keep up the good work, Vinnie.
Kelly said:
Monday, 19 Nov 2012
Hi, I just found your website and it's great!.
Susie said:
Monday, 12 Nov 2012
I would like to print your recipes. I cant find the location to this this on your page. COuld you let me know if there is one. Thanks
Joanna said:
Friday, 28 Sep 2012
I am over the moon to find a recipe page that is genuinely sugar free!! thank you x
Sherri said:
Friday, 20 Jul 2012
I'm really looking forward to learning all I can about becoming sugar-free. Thank you for this possibility.
Jen said:
Thursday, 12 Jul 2012
I am looking forward to my house being sugar-free
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 30 Jun 2012
Very usefull web site.
MARISA said:
Thursday, 31 May 2012
Karen said:
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
I lord the recipe ideas they are great
Davie said:
Saturday, 28 Apr 2012
Being Diabetic I am looking for different ways to enjoy the the foods I like without being to sweet so look forward to trying your recipes
JOHN said:
Thursday, 19 Apr 2012
A great site for diabetics!
Tania said:
Wednesday, 8 Feb 2012
I have a child with Congenital Sucrose Isomaltase Deficiency so I am desperately hunting for good recipes to keep him enjoying his food! He is also lactose intolerant so makes it a little harder! This is a fantastic idea..thank you
Chipili said:
Saturday, 31 Dec 2011
Looking forward to the newsletter. How often is it published?
Katherine said:
Thursday, 15 Sep 2011
I am a healthcare professional and also have a history of diabetes in my family. Looking for recipes I can use for myself and others. Thank you
Von said:
Saturday, 13 Aug 2011
Being a diabetic it is very hard to find good recipes,please send me your newsletter.I appreciate your time. Thank you Von
Clare said:
Thursday, 9 Jun 2011
What a wonderful website thank you for all your inspiration
Karen said:
Friday, 22 Apr 2011
Will be interesting to see the recipes
Diane said:
Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011
Thank you it's hard to find sugar free recipes that are quick and easy.
Collette said:
Saturday, 2 Apr 2011
Thanks for providing such great recipe ideas From a diabetic with a sweet tooth!
Tracey said:
Sunday, 13 Mar 2011
I have to cut sugar out of my diet I have found this website and it's a great start for someone like myself that loves cakes and puddings but cant' have sugar
CAROL said:
Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011
My husband and I are both diabetic and also like cakes and deserts. This site looks good for us. Look forward to trying some of your recipes. Carol
TRINDA said:
Saturday, 5 Mar 2011
Sreeraj said:
Monday, 28 Feb 2011
I would like to know the more sugar free food items Racipes ... Thank you N C Sreeraj
Giselle said:
Sunday, 20 Feb 2011
I was just wondering whether the chocolate powder used in your recipes are sugar free as well. I also know that white flower has a lot of sugar, so is there another alternative? Thank you. Giselle
Nicole said:
Friday, 4 Feb 2011
Very easy and yummy recipes
Gwendolyn said:
Friday, 28 Jan 2011
Thank you for your recipes. I am looking forword in cooking
Zalina said:
Sunday, 23 Jan 2011
I didn't bake for a long time, because I don't eat sugar anymore (since several months for reasons of health), but now I can bake sugar-free sweets and I love baking. Thank you for your site! All I can say =)
Hugh said:
Sunday, 23 Jan 2011
Site looks great. As a diabetic look forward to trying the recipes.
ANGELA said:
Thursday, 6 Jan 2011
OM.G!! I'm so glad I found your site, you have great recipes im looking forward to baking alot of sugar free cakes and biscuits. thank you so much for sharing with the world
Norman said:
Thursday, 16 Dec 2010
I recently was diagnose diabetic .By seeing all these wonderful recipes has given me hope again.I have a sweet tooth and thought that I would have too give up all my favourite treats.I will defenitely try out aal these recipe's
Hayley said:
Saturday, 11 Dec 2010
Hi I need to make a torta della nonna without sugar. Is it possible? Would I use sweetner or honey instead if sugar? Thanks!
April said:
Thursday, 2 Dec 2010
I am looking for sugar free recipes for my husband who is type two diabetic, so would be grateful for any suggestions, he has only recently been diagnosed and has been told he can no longer enjoy biscuits etc so I am searching for anything which will enable him to have the odd treat thank you
Stavroula said:
Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
You guys have the best recipes in the WORLD!!!I live down under and heve had so much fun using your recipes. You deserve a medal. Thank you for all your hard work. Cheers!
Jayne said:
Sunday, 17 Oct 2010
Great recipes.Do you have any suggestions for a butter icing? Thanks
Emma said:
Friday, 8 Oct 2010
Thank you for some good ideas of recipes, will try them out.
Sue said:
Wednesday, 8 Sep 2010
I've tried the honeycomb recipe and although it tasted great, I found it not to be as successful as making with sugar! I think increasing the quantities might help, as it made a really small amount. Tasted lovely though!!
Kristine said:
Sunday, 5 Sep 2010
I am happy to have found such a great resource. Thanks
Pam said:
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
Looking forward to trying the sweet things I have been missing thanks
Cathy said:
Sunday, 22 Aug 2010
My mother is diabetic and is coming to stay so would welcome and apreciate any of your recipes to make for her. thanks cathy
Gemimia said:
Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010
Excellent to find all of these old favourites that I no longer cook, because my husband accuses me po poisoning our kids with sugar, in a form I can use, all together! Many thanks!
Sonia said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
Great site. My husband and I run a small B&B (and evening meals)in the Highlands of Scotland and we like to cater for all our guests dietary requirements. These sugar free recipes are great for our diabetic visitors!
Hanli said:
Monday, 2 Aug 2010
My husband cannot eat sugar and it is wonderful to be able to find recipes that I can use.
Susan said:
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
A wonderful website. I cannot wait to make your sugar free sponge cake. I was looking for sugar free jam making, but the cake looks so delicious.............so I will try your recipes. Thank you , you have saved my day!
Emma said:
Sunday, 18 Jul 2010
Thanks for all the sugar free recipies and ideas, my diabetic dad will be so pleased!!
Priscilla said:
Thursday, 24 Jun 2010
It is nice to know there is a website for people that cannot eat suger thank you
Cheryl said:
Friday, 18 Jun 2010
My niece is a celiac diabetic. I hope to get more recipes in line with this disease. Thanks.
Pauline said:
Monday, 24 May 2010
My daughter gets all zippy with sugar so I'm looking forward to trying these recipes!
Georgina said:
Tuesday, 18 May 2010
Is it ok to use honey has a substitute for sugar if you are diabetic thank you
Shirley said:
Tuesday, 11 May 2010
I have just been diagnosed as diabetic and have found your recipes very interesting and can't wait to try them out
Lisa said:
Wednesday, 5 May 2010
I really appreciate the recipes, especially the gluten free ones as i'm intolerant to gluten and most gluten free recipes have loads of sugar. Thanks, Lisa
Carol said:
Saturday, 17 Apr 2010
Thank you for some great recipes. At last a site for sweet toothed diabetics.
Anke said:
Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010
I was looking for a sugar free wholemeal apple scroll receipt and bumped into your site. Great to have found you!
Coral said:
Monday, 15 Mar 2010
Thank you.My daughter has been told to get her family of sugar and as she has three children it will not be easy as you need to have something to give them so that they dont feel deprived. Thank you again.
Carolyn said:
Monday, 15 Mar 2010
Thank the Lord that you have put this site together. We are not diabetic but have a family history on both sides. We really simply just want to live a healthier lifestyle. We live in Canada and have no sites like this one which really caters to all of the courses of a fancy meal and to the sweet tooth that we all have in our family. Thank you!!
Julie said:
Friday, 5 Mar 2010
Great recipes for a healthier life without sugar
Alison said:
Friday, 5 Mar 2010
Finally a site that that doesn't use artificial sweetner in every recipe. Great Job
Angela said:
Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010
Love you site, the recipes are great.
Liz said:
Thursday, 14 Jan 2010
These recipes look great - thanks.
Toni said:
Monday, 11 Jan 2010
So excited I found this site!! Praise God!! Thank you, Toni
Barbara said:
Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009
Very interesting, glad I found you.
Linda said:
Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009
What a wonderful site
Mandy said:
Saturday, 5 Dec 2009
Oh great just found you on the web im deabetic and looking for some new recipes
Kerry said:
Friday, 13 Nov 2009
As our son has aspergers syndrom, this site has been a great relief! We are trying our very best to keep him off sugar as much as possible to help with his behaviour problems. Thankyou very much!
Katie said:
Saturday, 7 Nov 2009
I just tried the coconut macaroon cookies, they were wonderful! Even my sugar obsessed family loved them :)
Anonymous said:
Sunday, 25 Oct 2009
Great to have found you!!
Catrina said:
Saturday, 17 Oct 2009
Looking forward to your healthy recipes.
Terri said:
Thursday, 1 Oct 2009
I was so pleased to come across your website while searching on Google for sugar and sweetener-free cooking. This is wonderful!
Marguerite said:
Saturday, 11 Jul 2009
Thanks I now have some recipes that really are sugar free.
Kay said:
Sunday, 21 Jun 2009
Great site at last sugar free cakes and more!!
Isla said:
Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009
I'm looking forward to trying your recipes,espescially as we have bee,s and it would be good to try some of their honey in the recipes, Yours Isla Griffiths
Pamela said:
Thursday, 11 Jun 2009
This is my first visit here you have some nice recipes which I will be trying the weekend. Thanks
Anonymous said:
Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009
Good options ...thank you
Norman said:
Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Looking for sugar free custard and blancmanges thanks
Kathy said:
Monday, 20 Apr 2009
Great sugar free recipees!!!
Elaine said:
Friday, 10 Apr 2009
I'm excited to find your website as I have been having difficulty finding recipes for sugar-free baking and I look forward to browsing through your recipes!
Diane said:
Friday, 10 Apr 2009
Fantastic to find so many sugar free recipes. Mum,Uncle and duaghter-in-law diabetic.
Natasha said:
Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009
Hi I have found your website very usefull. I work in a Residential Home, and think the residents will enjoy some of your recipies, even the none diabetics.
DAWN said:
Monday, 2 Mar 2009
Elaine said:
Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009
What a find!! I've had to cut out sugar completely for health reasons and was in despair until I found this site. Recipes are great!
Mandy said:
Thursday, 1 Jan 2009
Great site - just discovered it after kicking sugar for my new year's resolution. Will be recommending you, and have already rated you on stumbleupon.